The silent letter 4

I was thinking about the person as well as the letter as I was looking towards the roof. Decrypting the letter was a big task for me, as I was neither a spy nor had I ever worked in military or police services. In fact, this was the 1st time I had received such a letter with a deep message inside it without having the clue of the sender. I was in turmoil. Although it was noon, it felt like a gloomy night with pile of thoughts twirling like a whirligig whirling inside my head.

Suddenly, my phone chimed. I gathered myself and took my phone on my hand. It was a text message that I ignored that time because, these days we use whatsapp messages and not text messages because of the simplicity.

It was about 2.00pm and I had a lot of work to do. I got up and headed towards the washroom to wash my face. As I threw water on my face, in the mirror I saw my reflection along with the letter which vanished as I blinked. Without thinking much, I came back to my seat and started working again.


9 responses to “The silent letter 4”


    You will be able to recognize the person, as you recognize the different rocks visually with the different parameters viz. Grain size, colour, texture, hardness, smell etc.

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    1. Haha…i don’t know yet sir…by the way i m a geologist not a policeman


  2. Suspense increase again, waiting for part 5

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  3. Arunava Mukherji Avatar
    Arunava Mukherji

    Waiting for letter no 5

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  4. Arunava Mukherji Avatar
    Arunava Mukherji

    Waiting for next letter.

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  5. Deep! Can’t wait for more!

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