Movie review Brahmastra

I gave ❤ 10% rating to Brahmastra Read all reviews about the movie:

This is a trash not a movie. Children can write better stories. Acting is pathetic as well as the dialogues. Don’t waste money as well as time.

10 responses to “Movie review Brahmastra”

  1. Cannot find the page! How are you, Iswar?


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    1. Hi Joanna. I am better now. This was Posted by mistake. I have to read all the posts I have missed and also I have to start writing. Slowly slowly I have to resume playing guitar. But I have to quit bike riding.


  2. Thank you, Iswar, for such good news!


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  3. thanks for the information

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  4. Thanks for sharing this Iswar, I feel the same about that film just by their promotions.

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  5. Very good information well shared thanks ☺️

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  6. Brah looks so good though:( I’ll spare myself though. Thank you 🙂

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